Terms of advertising
1 Requirements for advertising materials

1.1 It is forbidden to advertise sites that violate Russian law, the norms of public morality, containing profanity, as well as pornographic materials.

1.2 The advertiser bears all responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided by him, as well as for violation of the rights of third parties when publishing information.

2 How to remove promotional materials

2.1 After the paid period of banner advertising, it is automatically deleted.

2.2 When placing a new advertising link in the showcase, already placed links are shifted one position down, while if the showcase contains the maximum number of links, the lowest one is deleted.

2.3 The webmaster has the opportunity to remove or edit advertising materials posted on his site, but if the advertiser believes that this was unreasonable, he has the right to contact the administration to clarify the circumstances.

3 Resolution of disputes

3.1 If the advertiser applies to the administration in a timely manner in case of unreasonable removal or editing of his advertising materials by the webmaster, the funds may be returned to the advertiser.